Absence - Day Conference

7 May 2012, meeting, Hellenic American Union Theater, Athens.

The visual art exhibition ‘Absence’ was accompanied by a meeting on the same subject as a result of the processes of the interdisciplinary team:

  • Fey Zika
  • Louiza Karapidaki
  • Konstantina Katrakazou
  • Thanassis Hatzopoulos

Speakers: Fey Zika (philosopher), Louiza Karapidaki (Art historian), Nikos Karapidakis (historian), Dimitra Makrynioti (sociologist), Alexandra Mouriki (philosopher), Panayiotis Panopoulos (anthropologist), Elias Papayianopoulos (philosopher), Thanassis Hatzopoulos (psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, poet).

Editing: Fey Zika


Monday, 21 March 2016