2001 - The homesick

Stage sets and costumes for the performance "The Homesick".

A project based on short stories by Alexander Papadiamantis.

Directed by Stathis Livathinos.

Technohoros in the shade, Athens.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

they wrote...

The contribution of Konstantina Katrakazou was decisive to the perfect harmony which resulted in this specific stage set. Her costumes, escaping from any folkloric perception, were in their variety of internal consistency, referring to a romance with their pale colors and dreaming with their forms which were simultaneously functional in motion without lacking both characterological connotations (metonymies of social class, age, state of characters) and skillfully humorous elements...

Dimitris Tsatsoulis

they wrote...

...The element of sand on the floor of this concrete space (which Konstantina Katrakazou formed) reminded me of an arbitrary, incomplete structure at everyone’s seashore of Skiathos, where ten children, ‘grafted’ by an unseen animator, ‘perform’ Papadiamantis’ short stories while he is revealing himself to them...

Annie Th. Kolitsidopoulou

‘Woman’ Magazine 2001